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Following the orders of The High Council of Soarum, the noble pigeons have taken to the skies and do what pigeons do best: unleash their poop on the towers en masse. They have become a shadowy mass of squawking shadows, scrapping for seeds and fouling with the statues of and artworks of vortel; inadvertently making the art their own. No wall or statue has been left uncovered.

Step 1: Connect your Pigeon

Link your Metamask Ethereum account with your Pigeon to the site. When you are connected you will see your Pigeon and Wallet address on the top bar.

If you don't have a pigeon click here.

Step 2: Switch to Binance Smart Chain

Once connected switch to Binance Smart Chain in Metamask without leaving or refreshing the page. Although the Pigeons live in Ethereum, pixel packs and minting is carried out on BSC to save on gas fees.

Step 3: Purchase Pixel Packs or use Free Pixels

Buy your pixels or use the free ones to paint on the wall.

Your first transaction with BNB requires 2 transactions on your wallet. One to approve the use of the BNB token and the other to purchase the pixel pack.

Step 4: Draw on the Graffiti Wall

You can now draw on the graffiti wall, using your available pixels

Purchase Pixel Packs

1 Pixel Pack contains 20 Pixels

Pixel Pack DescriptionPriceNumber of PixelsAmount

Total Pixel Packs: 0 Pixels

Total Price: $0

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Successfully bought some Pixel Packs

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Graffiti Wall

You need an active pigeon in order to interact with the grafitti wall. (Ethereum Mainnet)

Available Paid Pixels:

Available Free Pixels:

Click box below to select a color:

(The color block above is your color picker)

Successfully saved Graffiti Wall

Failed to save Graffiti Wall, please try again